How to Speak so People Listen is filled with specific concepts and models. To make a valuable resource for readers, and to introduce non-readers to some of the core concepts of the book, I have created a dictionary. As a bonus, this dictionary also contains additional terms and ideas that are not contained in How to Speak so People Listen. It is in 16 parts and has around 100 entries. If you like dictionaries -�take a look too at The Yes/No Dictionary based on my earlier book, The Yes/No Book.

Part 11: Ideas

Speakers trade in ideas. There are not many words to define here, but after last week’s mammoth set of dictionary entries on memory, we all need a break.


Distinction Insight (noun); A moment of insight (qv) when your listener is able to distinguish two things, ideas or concepts that they previously thought were the same.

Moment of Connection (noun); The moment when your listener makes a connection between what you are saying and something that they already know.

Moment of Insight (noun); The moment when ‘the penny drops’ and your listener realises something new.

Relationship Insight (noun); A moment of insight (qv) when your listener realises that two things, which they had previously thought were unrelated, are actually related to one-another.

Sticky (adjective); An idea is sticky, when it persists within a culture.

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