The How to Speak so People Listen Dictionary Part 16: Reading List

by Mike Clayton  - March 5, 2014

How to Speak so People Listen is filled with specific concepts and models.� To make a valuable resource for readers, and to introduce non-readers to some of the core concepts of the book, I have created a dictionary. As a bonus, this dictionary also contains additional terms and ideas that are not contained in How to Speak so People Listen. It is in 16 parts and has around 100 entries. If you like dictionaries -�take a look too at The Yes/No Dictionary based on my earlier book, The Yes/No Book.

Part 16: Reading List

If you enjoyed How to Speak so People Listen, you may want to follow it up, either with more of my books, or with some of the other books I have benefited from in developing my ideas. Some of these will take you far more deeply into the ideas of How to Speak so People Listen.


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