If you want to further your career, you need gravitas. It is that commanding impression of authority, good judgement, and wisdom that people look to when they need advice, when they want a leader, or when they want someone inspire confidence in the future.

That can be you…

If you can develop gravitas:

  •    People will take you seriously
  •    You will feel confident among older, more experienced colleagues and clients
  •    You will be able to hold the attention of a room full of people
  •    You will acquire a position of trust, influence, and authority
  •    Your ideas and insights will be welcomed and embraced
  •    You will set yourself up for promotion
  •    People will pay attention to your ideas and take notice of you
  •    Your career will move forwards and upwards

So if these are the case, gravitas must be a good thing. Having recently published two articles in which I discussed the importance of Stillness and Silence, I’d like to offer you three more techniques to develop gravitas.


We talk about an aura of gravitas as if it generates a space around you. You can do a lot to create this.

We all have a ‘bubble’ of personal space, that others can detect and will usually respect. When you are with people, imagine your bubble expanding to twice, three times, four times the volume of your normal space, out to the edges of the room. As you visualise this, it will change the subtle cues that your body language gives out to the people around you. You will notice that they will respect a greater distance.

You can also choose to draw people in, by turning down the volume and leaning forward. This will give them a sense of occasion, and underline the extent to which you are in control of the conversation..


I have said nothing so far about the content of what you say. I need to assume that, if you want people to listen to you and value what you say, you have something worthwhile for them to hear. But what is the essential character of what people with gravitas say.

One of the things you will most often hear is synthesis. Many of the people we look to as wise, and who speak with deep authority, are able to see from different perspectives, and understand a broad array of disciplines. They will almost certainly have deep expertise in a narrow field, but this depth does not come at the cost of breadth. Because what they are able to do, is to bring together the understanding from different quarters and create new insights from their combination.

Gravitas demands the ability to learn broadly and form new connections that help move ideas forward.


Another talent that people with gravitas will put on display is their ability to make the complex simple, and the murky clear.

Smart people will usually dive in with their ideas to ensure that they are heard. They will have opinions on everything and feel the need to share all of them, as soon as possible. Wiser souls wait, observe, then assess and summarise what they have heard. They bring clarity, informed evaluation and, above all, penetrating insight.



Dr Mike Clayton is a speaker and the author of 13 books, including How to Speak so People Listen, and Smart to Wise.

Audiences love Mike’s seminars and talks on influence, authority, charisma, and gravitas. Now he has also developed a 2 hour, 20 module video course on How to Develop Gravitas, and readers can access this at the discounted price of $29, by clicking the image below.

Fedora Gravitas Cover

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