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Creativity in The Apprentice
A lot of Apprentice tasks require a considerable degree of creativity. It has always been thus for as long as I have been watching, and the past two weeks of series eight have both put it at the heart of the tasks. I expect many more like this, because this series, like the last, is […]
The Apprentice Final: A Worthy Winner
After 13 episodes (11 tasks, plus two “specials”), the Final Four candidates at last got a chance to present their business ideas, and meet Lord Sugar’s interviewers. I don’t know about you, but it was a tense time on the Clayton sofa. �I expect there are 9 million or more opinions about the outcome and […]
The Apprentice 12: In Defence of the Candidates
It is fashionable to slate the candidates in The Apprentice for their failings and weaknesses. �And they certainly do all have them, but I do recall reading in a book somewhere: “Let those without sin cast the first stone” So rather than bitch about the lack of general knowledge and�naivete�of the candidates, or their lack […]
The Apprentice 11: The Final Five
Last night’s show looked at the backgrounds of the final five candidates. Whilst I am as interested as anyone, I do not want to comment on how I perceive the candidates personally, outside the four walls of my own home. Instead, I want to take the opportunity to reflect on the chances each of them […]
The Apprentice 10: A Matter of Strategy
In tonight’s episode, the last six was whittled down to the final five, and I stop being even handed and start expressing an opinion about the candidates. Let’s remember what this series is about: finding a business partner to start a business with Lord Sugar. �So Lord Sugar stripped it down to fundamentals, because he […]
The Apprentice 9: Substance over Form
It is getting close to the end now and two factors combine to make the show ever more compelling: 1. We are starting to get to know many of the candidates so, like soaps and real family, we start to feel allegiances, and 2. Few candidates are shoe-ins for a firing, so we are�intrigued to […]
The Apprentice: Helen and the Nature of Entrepreneurship
In�last week�s analysis of The Apprentice (week 8), I highlighted three people and promised a short blog on each. In the third of these, I want to look at Helen Milligan’s competent professionalism, and ask the question: Has Helen shown any real entrepreneurial flair? Helen Milligan Greggs, the high street bakery and convenience food outlet […]
The Apprentice 8: Three People
This week�s episode of The Apprentice drew our attention firmly to three people.� Only time will tell the extent to which the producers are sign-posting the future, or practicing the art of misdirection, or simply reflecting fairly the balance of what really transpired in the many hours of this week�s footage that will never be […]
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