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The Apprentice: Tom Pellereau Interview
Tom Pellereau was a worthy winner. �I couldn’t help spotting a great interview with Tom in today’s online Daily Telegraph. If you have followed the show and, like me, admired Tom’s performance, you will enjoy the interview with Chris Harvey. �If you did not think much of Tom, then maybe this will start to change […]
Creativity in The Apprentice
A lot of Apprentice tasks require a considerable degree of creativity. It has always been thus for as long as I have been watching, and the past two weeks of series eight have both put it at the heart of the tasks. I expect many more like this, because this series, like the last, is […]
Young Apprentice 2011–5: A Tale of Two Drivers
This week�s task was dominated by the personalities of the two team leaders � selected by Lord Sugar, who clearly had a shrewd idea what would happen. Let�s however start with a few raw details about the task itself. The teams had to create a brand and a TV advert for an antiperspirant/deodorant targeted at […]
Young Apprentice 2011–3: Decision Making and Personal Animus
This week�s episode saw the teams separated by the smallest of margins (less than 3% of profit).� It also saw the final phases of the boardroom play out exactly as I was expecting.� My notes were constantly a few minutes ahead and I concur 100% with Lord Sugar�s assessments this evening � which I don�t […]
Young Apprentice 2011 – 1: Meet the Candidates
Last night we were introduced to the twelve young people whose Apprentice hopes we will be following for the next eight weeks. The six girls and six boys immediately got down to picking team names, settling on: Boys: �Atomic� Girls: �Kinetic� With Kinetic, the girls managed to find a name already selected by a 2007 […]
The Apprentice Final: A Worthy Winner
After 13 episodes (11 tasks, plus two “specials”), the Final Four candidates at last got a chance to present their business ideas, and meet Lord Sugar’s interviewers. I don’t know about you, but it was a tense time on the Clayton sofa. �I expect there are 9 million or more opinions about the outcome and […]
The Apprentice 13: How to get Hired
Last night, Dara O’Briain hosted a humorous look at what candidates need to do to get hired. �But as with all good humour, it was funny, because it was true. Over the course of the series, I have been deriving lessons from the tasks, and Dara O’Briain drew out ten rules. I want to compare […]
The Apprentice 12: In Defence of the Candidates
It is fashionable to slate the candidates in The Apprentice for their failings and weaknesses. �And they certainly do all have them, but I do recall reading in a book somewhere: “Let those without sin cast the first stone” So rather than bitch about the lack of general knowledge and�naivete�of the candidates, or their lack […]
The Apprentice 11: The Final Five
Last night’s show looked at the backgrounds of the final five candidates. Whilst I am as interested as anyone, I do not want to comment on how I perceive the candidates personally, outside the four walls of my own home. Instead, I want to take the opportunity to reflect on the chances each of them […]
The Apprentice 10: A Matter of Strategy
In tonight’s episode, the last six was whittled down to the final five, and I stop being even handed and start expressing an opinion about the candidates. Let’s remember what this series is about: finding a business partner to start a business with Lord Sugar. �So Lord Sugar stripped it down to fundamentals, because he […]
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