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The Apprentice 10: A Matter of Strategy
In tonight’s episode, the last six was whittled down to the final five, and I stop being even handed and start expressing an opinion about the candidates. Let’s remember what this series is about: finding a business partner to start a business with Lord Sugar. �So Lord Sugar stripped it down to fundamentals, because he […]
The Apprentice: Susan and the Little Voice
Susan Ma is in the last six. �She’s done well at times and really struggled too. �And she is the youngest there (I think she mentioned that, but not so much lately). Last week I looked in depth at�Melody,�Tom and�Helen. �This week, I want to focus on Jim (yesterday), Susan and Natasha (tomorrow). Is Susan […]
Apprentice 6: A Matter of Character
Last night’s task was, perhaps, the most difficult yet. �Not because of the commercial nature of the task, nor even for its logistic complexity, because both of these aspects are covered in many other tasks. �This was a difficult task because it requires accurate estimation to do really well. Since none of the candidates (unsurprisingly) […]
Creativity in The Apprentice
A lot of Apprentice tasks require a considerable degree of creativity. It has always been thus for as long as I have been watching, and the past two weeks of series eight have both put it at the heart of the tasks. I expect many more like this, because this series, like the last, is […]
Young Apprentice 2011 – 6: Back to Basics
This week�s task was the �go and buy 10 random things for the best price� exercise � or procurement, as it is more formally known. As is the case for too many real-life procurement departments, best price is all, with no prizes for a much better product at a marginally higher price.� However, the basic […]
Young Apprentice 2011 – 4: Trust and Confidence
Trust was the issue at the heart of last night�s show; but along the way, we saw real evidence of learning. The task was a familiar one to fans of the show: look at a range of goods pitched by the vendors, select which ones you believe you can sell best and hope to be […]
Young Apprentice 2011 – 2: Presenting Skills and the Perfect Storm
There was a lot of interest to pick out of last night�s Young Apprentice, so let�s get the facts out of the way. The teams, Atomic (a slightly depleted boys� team) and Kinetic (the girls) were set the task to come up with an innovative product for the parent and baby market and pitch is […]
The Apprentice Final: A Worthy Winner
After 13 episodes (11 tasks, plus two “specials”), the Final Four candidates at last got a chance to present their business ideas, and meet Lord Sugar’s interviewers. I don’t know about you, but it was a tense time on the Clayton sofa. �I expect there are 9 million or more opinions about the outcome and […]
The Apprentice 12: In Defence of the Candidates
It is fashionable to slate the candidates in The Apprentice for their failings and weaknesses. �And they certainly do all have them, but I do recall reading in a book somewhere: “Let those without sin cast the first stone” So rather than bitch about the lack of general knowledge and�naivete�of the candidates, or their lack […]
The Apprentice 11: The Final Five
Last night’s show looked at the backgrounds of the final five candidates. Whilst I am as interested as anyone, I do not want to comment on how I perceive the candidates personally, outside the four walls of my own home. Instead, I want to take the opportunity to reflect on the chances each of them […]
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