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Issue 18

  Felicity Factor
Exploit the power of happiness
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In my New Year Thoughtscape newsletter, I led with "The Felicity Factor", saying:

"There is a mass of research that shows happy people to be healthier, less prone to illness, live longer and have... happier lives. So be happy and cheerful. Practice smiling more, make opportunities for laughter and see the bright side of life."

I want to focus on this for a whole newsletter. Happiness is very much in the news as a political priority. Even Alistair Campbell has got in on the agenda with a short eBook, "The Happy Depressive: In Pursuit of Personal and Political Happiness".

1. Happiness and Stress
Feeling happy and smiling a lot will reduce your stress levels.  This will make you feel more in control and will improve your general well-being, so make time for a laugh and smile during your day.  Smile.

2. Smiling and being Liked 
Smiling is one of the sure ways to be likeable - we like people who smile.  Smiles say confidence and also signal that we mean no harm.  In a research project, LeeAnn Harker and Dacher Keltner found that observers rated smiling women as having more attractive personalities, when they controlled for things like physical attractiveness.  Smile.

3. Being liked and getting what you want
Being liked is one of the most powerful ways of influencing other people: we do things for the people we like. That's why attractive, likeable celebrities are paid big money to make adverts. Smiling more and paying people attention are to simple ways to get what you want form them.  Smile.

4. Happiness and Life Outcomes
The same research by Harker and Keltner also found that the women who seemed genuinely to be smiling in college photos were more likely to have happy marriages and a greater sense of personal well being 30 years later.  Smile.

5. Happiness and Length of Life
Becca Levy at Yale showed that optimism can help you live longer.  More recently, Aoife O'Donovan at UC San Francisco has found a possible biological mechanism.  Increasingly, scientific evidence seems to be demonstrating a causal link between happiness and longetivity.  Smile.

6. Finding the Funny 
How can you find some funny in your daily life?  Here are seven ways:

  1. Films
  2. TV comedy - DVDs I bought recently include Faulty Towers, Outnumbered, Yes Minister, Father Ted
  3. Comedy clubs
  4. Radio shows
  5. Share jokes with friends - take care at work, though
  6. Cartoon strips - I like Calvin & Hobbes, Far Side and Dilbert
  7. You Tube etc - Try Evolution of Dance, or the Sneezing Panda.


7. More than one way to be Happy
For a more cerebral video clip, watch eminent psychologist Daniel Kahnemann talking at TED about the difference between being happy about your life and being happy in the moment.  Being happy about your life is based on the (surprisingly) selective emories we form.

8. The Peak State of Happiness 
Mihaly Csikszentmihaly introduced the concept of "Flow" as the peak stae for hapiness (in the moment).  When you can harnesss the three conditions for flow, you can turn the most mundane tasks into flow tasks and enjoy them.  You must:

  1. have a clear goal
  2. be able to assess progress continuously
  3. work at the limit of your capability

9. Fairness
In a lovely New Yorker cartoon, an executive says to his boss: "OK, if you can't see your way to giving me a pay raise, how about giving Parkerson a pay cut?".

This plays into our intuitive understanding of what John Stacy Adams described as Equity Theory.  We feel a sense of unfairness if we do not feel not rewarded equally, for equal work.  Fairness may not make you happy, but unfairness will certainly make you miserable. Be fair.


Learn More about Happiness

There is a wealth of well-written and researched books on the subject.  Take a look at some of them here.

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Of all of my seminars, The Three-hour MBA was the big success in 2011.  I created it for the Bite Size open programme, and rolled it out in the autumn.  It's back in 2012.

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New Seminar

I am delighted to have been invited to speak at next week's Top Achievers quarterly day-long seminar, by MD Peter Haddon.  Peter asked me to focus on the day's theme of leadership and I was happy to take the opportunity to develop a new seminar for the Top Achievers group. 

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I am also busy delivering tried and tested seminars to  established clients.

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Updates on the Two new books for 2012

I am working on two new books for publication in 2012.  Each is quite  a new departure for me.

The first, due to be published by Marshall Cavendish on 7 June, will be something rather special.  I certainly don't think there is any "equivalent" book on the market today.  The website will go live on 7 March and 3 mini-eBooks will be available pre-launch.

The second will be published around September by Pearson.  This is a step into a new area and a new style of writing for me, and I have started work and it's looking good.



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