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Issue 21

  Generate Gravitas
Ten ways to make a real impact with your ideas.
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Today, the Smart to Wise website is live, announcing my next book (read more in the panel to the right). 

Wisdom is in the eyes and ears of the the people around you, so to make the right impact with your insights, you need to be able to generate the gravitas that says "my insights are worth noting".  Here are ten ways to do that.

1. Space
The aura of gravitas will generate a space around you.  You  can do a lot to create that.  When you are with people imagine your bubble of personal space expanding to twice, three time, ten times the volume of your normal space.  As you visualise this it will start to change the subtle cues of your body language and people will respect a greater distance.

2. Slow
Gravitas means not rushing, whether it is in your movement or your speech.  A steady, deliberate pace conveys total confidence and, when speaking, it increases your control of your speech and the relaxation of your vocal cords, allowing your voice to stay at the bottom end of its register.  Deeper tones convey authority.  Keep the volume down too, to make people strain to catch your important ideas and to avoid over-stretching your voice.

3. Small
Big movements convey charisma, big words convey intellect, big speeches convey status.

Small movements convey economy, small words convey understanding, small speeches convey deep insight.

Wise people do and say little, but what they do and what they say conveys much.

4. Still
Stillness is a special quality in our frenetic world.  Cultivate the ability to be still to make a real contrast with the busy-busy background, and create a powerful impression of weight (the Latin word gravitas means just that).

5. Summarise
Smart people dive in with their ideas to ensure that they are heard.  Wiser souls wait, observe, then assess and summarise what they have heard, adding their evaluation and insight.

6. Silence
The ultimate in slowing your speech, the linguistic equivalent of still, silence is something few can master.  Used at the right time, it can be a devastating contribution to your argument.  How much smaller can your contribution be.

7. Timing
Select the timing of your contribution with care.  Don't rush, jump in, or cut someone off.  Instead, wait for silence before you speak, so there is only one thing for your audience to listen to.

8. Attention
When you speak to most people you quickly become aware that they have other things on their mind.  With some people though, you feel as if there is nothing else in the world for them but you.  These people have both charisma and gravitas.  Practice paying 100% attention to the person who is speaking.

9. Process
You won't always know the answers or have the insight to transform a situation.  But what you can always do is put forward a clear process that will help to gather facts, clarify issues, move to a decision.  Wisdom is knowing when you don't know enough and having a way to move onward regardless.

10. Tone
Who sets the tone?  Whose demeanour matters?  If it's you, then you really do have gravitas.


Learn more about the journey from Smart to Wise.

Smart to Wise
is due out on 7 June


Articles on the Smart to Wise website


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Smart to Wise

You’re smart. You know stuff. You’ve made great strides in your career and your life. But you know there’s more: there are things you want to do and people you want to impress that you can’t yet reach. Because being smart is not enough.

Smart to Wise is about how to become wise. It does not set out to give you the answers, nor to dispense wisdom, but to show you the direction of your journey.

The Smart to Wise website, with the first three articles about aspects of wisdom is now live, at smarttowise.co.uk.


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Series 8 of BBC's Apprentice began on 21 March and my first commentary was available the following morning.

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