Seminars offer a lot of information in a short space of time

Mike's style is humorous, thought-provoking and memorable. Most of the seminars are three hours - all are adaptable to your specific needs. All can be adapted to a shorter format, including a conference keynote.

"Very good. Lots of useful info in a short period of time - 3 hours very well spent."
Ian Pope, EPLAN

"Fantastic! Best training I've ever been on. Concise and relevant and does what it says without waffle and team exercises."
Sarah Hammond, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

"Very good, superbly presented, fast pace keeps you focused on subject material."
John Miller, Hydratron

Browse outlines of all 24 Seminars, or contact me to ask for more details.

I do some open seminars, that you can book onto as a member of the public. Contact me for dates.

There are other seminars that have not been in demand lately,
and I will also create custom seminars to address the changes you need,
so if you do not see what you need here, please do contact me for details.

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