Goals: Smart or Wise?

SMART Goals are everywhere. Every organisation has its own framework – mostly familiar; occasionally innovative. Trainers and speakers (like me) get competitive. I only had to hear that one trainer offered SMARTER Goals to be off and running. In my book, Brilliant Time Management, I put forward the acme: SMARTEST Goals. ‘Beat that!’ I thought. […]

What is stress? What is stress? It is all of the day-to-day, week-to-week problems and difficulties we have to face. It is the angry boss, the aggressive driver, the rude shop assistant, the pressing deadline, the stupid helpdesk and the queue that never moves in the supermarket. It is the endless list of things we […]

One word is more powerful, more annoying, and more challenging than any other. And when you understand how to use it, it becomes a huge asset for any project manager. Why? Yes, that’s the word. We all know how much young children love to torture their parents and carers with it, but we don’t stop […]


One of the most popular parts of my Time Management and Stress Management seminars and workshops is when I give my audience simple clear instructions about how to deal with a feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount of things you have on your plate. Here is a short summary of that simple routine. if […]

If you want to further your career, you need gravitas. It is that commanding impression of authority, good judgement, and wisdom that people look to when they need advice, when they want a leader, or when they want someone inspire confidence in the future. That can be you… If you can develop gravitas:    People […]

Silence 700x400

In my last article about gravitas, I talked about the importance of slowing down and, ultimately, of stillness. Let’s extend that idea a step further. We recognise gravitas when we encounter a set of attitudes and behaviours that conform to our expectations of authority, credibility and wisdom. What makes gravitas does depend, to a degree, […]


What makes the very top people in any context stand out? Is it their wealth, their intellect, their appearance, their energy, their charisma? I don’t think that it is any of these, although you can certainly find plenty of examples of each. Rather, I think it is something far more fundamental. People at the very […]

Blank Signpost

One morning – as I nearly always do, I took a look at the usual LinkedIn email offering me the chance to congratulate former colleagues, clients and contacts. And as always, I made a point of following up with new jobs and roles, but ignoring third anniversaries. But one anniversary stood out. It was when one former […]

gift box

Let’s not go into the details of why… The fact is that everyone reaches their level with their current career and some of us find, when we try to climb he next step, it is blocked. Consultancy is a demanding career, and when your bosses believe that you have reached your level, there is no […]

There are so many models and theories of motivation. How can we put all of them into a single, comprehensive framework? This is a question I get asked a lot, and the answer I give is that you have to recognise two factors: The effects you are trying to explain or predict with the model […]

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