Brilliant Influence

What the most influential people know, do and say

Now in a second edition and on sale as

How to Influence in any Situation

“If you want more influence; achieve more and ultimately succeed, you will find a way to secure such results within this book.
Someone once said ‘whatever business you’re in; you’re always marketing’.
I’d add to that now with ‘whatever outcome you’re after, you’ll need Brilliant Influencing.’

Perry Timms, Head of Talent & Organisational Development, Big Lottery Fund

Why do some people you know always seem to get what they want, while you have to follow along?

If you want to get more of what you want, win more arguments and have people keep the promises they make to you, you need to understand the science of influence.

Everyone could do it; some people do it; why should you miss out?  Learn how to make things happen in your life.


“Mike presents an excellent summary of how to influence with integrity;
he skilfully raises the reader’s awareness and provides pragmatic, easy to follow steps to achieving brilliant influence.”

Julian Badcock, Partner, Inpoint (An Aon Company)


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Part 1: Fundamentals

Chapter 1: Use your common sense: the basics of influence
Chapter 2: Appearance matters: how to look influential
Chapter 3: Decisions: how we make them and how we influence them
Chapter 4: Understand the psychology of influence

Part 2: Your message

Chapter 5: The importance of what you say
Chapter 6: The power of how you say it

Part 3: Strategies

Chapter 7: Focus on the question: “what’s in it for me?”
Chapter 8: How to negotiate to share benefits
Chapter 9: How to network to help people help you
Chapter 10: The six top influencing techniques

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From Julian Badcock
Partner at Inpoint (an Aon Company)

“Mike practices what he preaches, engaging the reader and influencing them to action.  He presents an excellent summary of how to influence with integrity; skilfully raising the reader’s awareness and providing pragmatic, easy to follow steps to achieving Brilliant Influence.”

From Perry Timms
Head of Talent and Organisational Development at Big Lottery Fund

“Every now and then there’s a book that will not have the most “funky” title, nor the most surreal artwork but it’s quality lies in the power of the words within. 

That book has arrived in the shape of Brilliant Influencing.  The title alone says exactly what the book will give you – the use of language; frames; ways of thinking that will help every reader achieve their outcomes.  If you want more influence; achieve more and ultimately succeed, you will find a way to secure such results within this book.  Someone once said “whatever business you’re in; you’re always marketing”. 

I’d add to that now with “whatever outcome you’re after, you’ll need Brilliant Influencing” and that is right here in Mike’s book.”

From Ron Rosenhead
CEO of Project Agency

“I am not an expert in influencing skills but one person who is and who can address the above is Mike Clayton.  He has written a great book that is an easy read, called “Brilliant Influence. What the most influential people know and say”

This is a book packed full of tools and techniques to help those in projects (and of course those outside projects) to develop influencing skills.

Mike takes a simple pragmatic approach to the topic. He introduces the reader to a wide range of tools that can be used in different circumstances. His examples are clear and the book is well laid out.”

Read the full review on Ron’s blog

From Keith Merrin
Director of Kent Trainers Review *****

“This is the third business book I have read written by Mike Clayton and each one has hit the mark. The author has used his experiences to give solid and easy to read advice which will certainly help me influence others.  His style of writing is clear and helpful.

I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who needs to influence others in either a personal or business capacity.”

From Sally Bett Review *****

“I’ve always put it down to that rather nebulous characteristic of ‘charisma’, but Mike Clayton shows us in this fascinatiing book, that there is an art to the ability of influencing people and situations.

There are techniques to follow, examples to inspire and practical step-by-step strategies to try out. What I particularly liked was the emphasis that no ONE strategy works for everybody. We all need to try out different ideas and not beat ourselves up if they don’t always work with everybody. Pat yourself on the back for trying, identify why you didn’t have 100% success, and then try something different.

Mike Clayton’s skill is in writing in a plain-speaking, easy to understand way – whilst exploring some thought-provoking and novel concepts to put into practice in your everyday lives. Inspiring stuff.”

From Marianne Review *****

"The material is very easy to read and more so, identify with.

I found it useful for application with my children and also at the workplace. The writer takes into account different personality types of the listeners and recommends that the message being passed should be listener oriented and not so much speaker oriented - package your message with the recipient in mind if you are looking for a positive reception."


Gerald ClaytonThis book is dedicated to my father, Gerald Clayton.  He would have been proud to
read it but sadly died just as the first draft was finished, and never had the chance.

Re-reading the material on integrity, optimism and resilience, I realised how much
I learned from him, and how much I will miss him.  

Read one of my tribute articles here.

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