Brilliant Stress Management

How to Manage Stress in any Situation

Now in a second edition and on sale as

How to Manage Stress

“An easy read for an inner calm. This book is engaging, practical and packed with simple to achieve exercises that really do help you combat stress.”

Matthew Cole Clinical Director, York Stress & Trauma Centre

We all have stress in our lives, so why is it that some of us seem to thrive on it while others feel crushed by its weight?

The answer is that it’s not stress that causes the damage: it’s us and our response to it.

Brilliant Stress Management will show you how to manage your response to stress to help you take control of your life and build a happy and successful future.

Ready to take back control?

We all have stress in our lives at some point. It could be a deadline at work, a major change such as a house move or a relationship breakdown. Perhaps it’s a combination of all of these factors and more. Whatever it is, it can leave you feeling out of control.

In Brilliant Stress Management Mike Clayton helps you figure out what it is that stresses you out and how you can tackle it. Whether you crumble under pressure, get angry, or simply bury your head in the sand, this book provides stress busting techniques to help you take the edge off and even channel your stress in a positive way.


  • Manage your environment to create a peaceful and stress-free place to be

  • Make better use of your time so that you never again get overwhelmed by an unending list of tasks

  • Learn how to identify the symptoms of stress in yourself and others – and be able to do something about it


About the Author

Chapter 1: What stress is and is not
Chapter 2: Control your physical response to stress
Chapter 3: Control your environment
Chapter 4: Control your time
Chapter 5: Control your attitudes
Chapter 6: Control your mental response to stress
Chapter 7: Manage stress at work
Chapter 8: Manage stress from change
Chapter 9: Manage stress from conflict
Chapter 10: Help others to manage their stress

Relax: Last words on stress
101 ways to Control your Stress
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From Naomi Campbell
“Super Model” quoted in  Harper’s Bazaar (UK) December Issue 2011

“An amazing book”

From Matthew Cole
Clinical Director, York Stress & Trauma Centre

“An easy read for an inner calm. This book is engaging, practical and packed with simple to achieve exercises that really do help you combat stress.”

From Sue, Berkshire
Amazon 5* review

“Great – at last, a book on stress management that isn’t stressful to read! I was given Brilliant Stress Management by a friend a few months ago, but have only just got around to reading it – wish I hadn’t delayed. The book is packed with insights into how and why stress can come into your life, and the practical steps you can take to acknowledge then tackle it. Included are advice on relaxation, time management, decision making, self-esteem, conflict, change issues and a whole lot more. It also helpfully talks about ways to mimimise the stress you can cause to others.

Like all self-help books, much of what is written seems like common-sense, but the writing style and exercises allow you to evaluate why it is that good intentions go awry in the real world, and what tactics you can develop to get back on course. The book is formatted such that you can read it right through, or dip in and out as you like.

The reassuring style made me feel like I was in the safe hands of an honest friend. Mike Clayton says right at the outset that he’s been stressed all of his life, and you sense that you’re in the hands of someone who knows what he’s talking about. His personal experiences and anecdotes are combined with enough background information to convince me that the advice offered is built on firm foundations.

Thoroughly recommend.”

From “Horice” review

“This book offers lots of tried and tested advice on how to deal with stress in many different situations. It is a good starter book for anyone who has not read other books on dealing with stress.” 

Values worksheetYou will be at your happiest when your values and your purpose in life support one another.  Chapter 5 of Brilliant Stress Management will help you understand the importance of taking contro of your attitues.  Download this Values Worksheet, to help you with the Brilliant Exercise: “Understanding and renewing your values.”


Felicity Dwyer


To Felicity, the happy woman.

Felicity is my wife.  She advises, coaches and trains volunteer managers.

Now, she also provides career coaching at The Heart of Work.



I have known stress in my time, but the single most valuable thing I learned was how to meditate, in 1989; and I cannot find any record of the names of the people who taught and supported me.  If you are reading this, thank you.

I would like to acknowledge all that I learned from my Aikido teachers and colleagues, and particularly Senseis David Currie and Alan Mars of the British Ki Aikido Association, and Sensei Andy Shakeshaft of the Ki Federation of Great Britain.

I also learned a lot about stress from working in a high-stress environment, so thank you to all my bosses, managers and clients, from my years at CSL Group and Deloitte – I’d best not name the ones who gave me the most to practice on!

I would like to thank Abigail Pavitt for showing me the impact of one simple action: removing my watch; and Cryss Mennaceur for giving me the opportunity to develop my thinking about stress into a successful keynote presentation, which gave this book its structure and much of its material.

Finally, one woman is most important of all: thank you Felicity for teaching me about happiness.

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