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“Brilliant time management gives a fantastic, practical and plain speaking framework for managing your time but is also thought provoking beyond the day to day to help you take control of your life.  I will be recommending to work colleagues, friends and family alike.”

Matthew Simons, Director Agency Services, Europe at Acxiom Corporation

We all have different ways of handling time.

Brilliant Time Management looks at the unhelpful habits you have got into and how they waste the most precious commodity you have; and it offers you practical solutions to get more done. If you want to make the most of your time, then reading this could well be the best five hours you spend.

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The book introduces a wider audience to Mike’s simple, yet powerful and successful OATS method of time management, and provide a host of tools, techniques and advice to make it work for you.

"If you are serious about being brilliant at time management, then this is the book for you. Mike is right (again) - I am a 'stuck at must' reader!
It seems like you wrote it just for me! Another fantastic resource."

Cyrus Cooper, Managing Director, Maximum Performance


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Part 1: The Basics of Brilliant Time Management

Chapter 1: What is your Attitude to Time?
Chapter 2: Understand how you use your Time
Chapter 3: Six Fundamentals of Brilliant Time Management
Chapter 4: Know what you are Doing things for

Part 2: Work Effectively and avoid the Pitfalls that Steal your Time

Chapter 5: How to do things Effectively
Chapter 6: Focus on Priorities to take control of your Time
Chapter 7: When to keep going and when to let go
Chapter 8: Who are you Doing things for?

Part 3: Ultimate Success in Getting Things Done

Chapter 9: Using other People to Get things Done
Chapter 10: The OATS Principle: The Ultimate Process for Brilliant Time Management
Chapter 11: The Three Things Exceptional Time Managers Do

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From Matthew Simons
Director of Agency Services at Acxiom Digital Europe

“Brilliant time management gives a fantastic, practical and plain speaking framework for managing your time but is also thought provoking beyond the day to day to help you take control of your life. I will be recommending to work colleagues, friends and family alike”

From Ron Rosenhead
CEO of Project Agency

"Take a step back and have a read of Mike Clayton’s Brilliant Time Management book. Mike takes a really practical approach to time management – he practices what he preaches publishing 3 books per year.

This book is well laid out and I particularly liked Chapter 4 where he suggests that some of your ‘have to’ activities can become ‘chose to’ activities.  Mike uses animals to illustrate the different ways we view or use our time. He introduces the reader to a number of practical principles and tools with simple examples to support their use.

I was pleased to see the costing of time included in this book! Too many people who come along to our project management courses tell stories of time seeming to be free and there being endless amounts of it… it costs per hour and this is clearly shown.

This is a good book. It will allow you to step back and look at how we can… ‘do more with less’ or ‘work smarter not harder.' ” 

From fmcfarlane 5* Review

“I have to confess that when it was suggested that I read this, my first thought was “I haven’t got time”, and it took me about 2 months to even open it. It was on the “important but not urgent” section of my to-do list, an ever increasing section which constantly nagged at the back of my mind.

Now that I have read it, I only wish I had read it sooner! It’s an immensely clear, practical book that helps you work out your own reasons for not having enough time and helpful ways to tackle them. The section on how to say “no” was perhaps the most important chapter for me, but the whole ethos of identifying priorities for the years to come and using that to help shape what we do day to day has also created a real shift for me in my attitude to what was the dreaded list of jobs and is now much more of a plan for where I want to be.

The “important but not-urgent” list is still there, but it is much reduced and I know how to go about tackling it. What a relief!”

From Sally Bett 5* Review

"Time Management’ is not a new subject and many books have been written about it. But this book by Mike Clayton is one that you’ll find hard to put down as it covers new areas in a simple and plain-speaking format. It flows from one topic to another, interspersed with “brilliantly” useful definitions, tips, exercises, quizes and examples. The illustrations and diagrams re-inforce the messages and each chapter ends with a ‘brilliant’ recap. Although it is easy to read from cover to cover, it’s also a great ‘dipping in’ book to be kept on everybody’s shelf at work and at home.”

From JackieL 5* Review

"When I first read Brilliant Time Management I was not impressed - he starts by getting you to work out your attitude to time and whether you are past/present or future oriented in general. I couldn't see the point until a few weeks later when the message began to get through. The same thing happened with other sections in the book - at first they seemed obvious or trite, but gradually the message started to hit home. Now I am reading it again and am ready to make changes to how I manage time (until now hit and miss and proud of it). I think it is easy to think that nobody can tell you anything about managing time, and to be a bit defensive. However, I was wrong, and I have learned a lot from this book. This morning I didn't just make a to do list, I timed the actions and am now going to schedule them in. Read it with an open mind and be prepared to change."

From Jan-Christian Zaluski 5* Review

"Excellent for anyone wanting to improve time management and organisational skills. A real eye opener to reality. Some great techniques which supported me well while working on a Lean Transformation project. Have recommended to my Team Managers to help them be organised and get them more to their value added work."


Brilliant Time Management is filled with techniques, tips and tools.

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