Traditional Books, available in Print and Kindle editions

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'A complete, practical and super-charged toolkit for anyone wishing to optimise their personal and professional effectiveness'

How to Speak so People Listen

'Great communication is at the heart of all business; Mike's approach makes this accessible to everyone.'

The Yes/No Book

'This book is a must for anyone who has a busy business and personal life. If, like me, you find it hard to say NO then this is for you!'


How to Manage a Great Project

'This book helps cut through the detail and focusses on the key issues with lots of practical tips and suggestions to help improve your project management and reduce the pain. Well worth a read.'

The Influence Agenda

'This book is sure to expand the way you think about aligning and engaging your stakeholders. It should become the go-to source of knowledge for a 360-degree view on how to develop or improve your approach.'


How to Influence in any Situation
(Brilliant Influence)

'an excellent summary of how to influence with integrity ... easy to follow steps to achieving brilliant influence.'


How to Manage Your Time
(Brilliant Time Management)

'a fantastic, practical and plain speaking framework for managing your time ... I will be recommending to work colleagues, friends and family alike'

How to Manage Stress
(Brilliant Stress Management)

'An easy read for an inner calm. This book is engaging, practical and packed with simple  exercises that really do help you combat stress.'


Brilliant Project Leader

'This has the ability to greatly enhance your effectiveness and capability. It is a must read for all current or aspiring project leaders.'

Risk Happens! 2nd Edition

Risk Happens!

'I am am a PM of 10+ years and I have never found such a concise read on risk management that provided so much valuable information.'

Smart to Wise 2nd Edition

Smart to Wise

'Clever, fascinating, useful, life-enhancing. It’s not often you can use those words together – but it’s a perfect summary of this book.'

Time Management Pocketbook

Time Management Pocketbook

'In business and in life, time is precious - this wonderful boook will make sure you make the most of it.'


Management Models Pocketbook

'Invaluable both as a foundation to the subject for new managers and as a quick refresher for more seasoned managers and leaders.'

The Handling Resistance Pocketbook by Mike Clayton

Handling Resistance Pocketbook

'a useful step by step approach to break down the hurdles, rather than being faced with blanket resistance and then not knowing where to begin.'

eBooks Available in Digital Editions Only

These are eBooks I was commissioned to write for Pearson as part of a much larger series of eBooks.

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