The Apprentice 2011

19Jul 2011

Tom Pellereau was a worthy winner. �I couldn’t help spotting a great interview with Tom in today’s online Daily Telegraph. If you have followed the show and, like me, admired Tom’s performance, you will enjoy the interview with Chris Harvey. �If you did not think much of Tom, then maybe this will start to change […]

18Jul 2011

After 13 episodes (11 tasks, plus two “specials”), the Final Four candidates at last got a chance to present their business ideas, and meet Lord Sugar’s interviewers. I don’t know about you, but it was a tense time on the Clayton sofa. �I expect there are 9 million or more opinions about the outcome and […]

12Jul 2011

Tomorrow’s Apprentice will whittle the final five into the four finalists, who will go forward to the interviews. Which means we are nearly at the end, and nearly at the end of the business lessons to learn – although doubtless there will be a couple tomorrow as the candidates set up their fast food trading […]

08Jul 2011

Last night’s show looked at the backgrounds of the final five candidates. Whilst I am as interested as anyone, I do not want to comment on how I perceive the candidates personally, outside the four walls of my own home. Instead, I want to take the opportunity to reflect on the chances each of them […]

07Jul 2011

In tonight’s episode, the last six was whittled down to the final five, and I stop being even handed and start expressing an opinion about the candidates. Let’s remember what this series is about: finding a business partner to start a business with Lord Sugar. �So Lord Sugar stripped it down to fundamentals, because he […]

06Jul 2011

Natasha Scribbins is in the last six. For me, she has been the hardest of the six to write about. Last week I looked in depth at�Melody,�Tom and�Helen. �This week, I want to focus on�Jim (Monday), Susan (yesterday) and Natasha. Natasha has rarely been the focus for The Apprentice’s producers and editors, so it makes […]

30Jun 2011

It is getting close to the end now and two factors combine to make the show ever more compelling: 1. We are starting to get to know many of the candidates so, like soaps and real family, we start to feel allegiances, and 2. Few candidates are shoe-ins for a firing, so we are�intrigued to […]

29Jun 2011

In�last week�s analysis of The Apprentice (week 8), I highlighted three people and promised a short blog on each. In the third of these, I want to look at Helen Milligan’s competent professionalism, and ask the question: Has Helen shown any real entrepreneurial flair? Helen Milligan Greggs, the high street bakery and convenience food outlet […]

27Jun 2011

In last week’s analysis of The Apprentice (week 8), I highlighted three people and promised a short blog on each. In the first of these, I want to look at Melody Hossaini’s behaviours and what we can learn from them. �I want to consider the question: Can we reconcile ruthless ambition with team contribution? Melody […]

24Jun 2011

This week�s episode of The Apprentice drew our attention firmly to three people.� Only time will tell the extent to which the producers are sign-posting the future, or practicing the art of misdirection, or simply reflecting fairly the balance of what really transpired in the many hours of this week�s footage that will never be […]

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