The Apprentice 2012

31May 2012

In tonight�s Apprentice semi-final, Lord Sugar finally bowed to the inevitable.� And if it was inevitable, what can we possibly learn from it? The task was to create a range of �affordable luxury products�.� Excuse me, Lord Sugar� affordable to whom?� How much luxury?� On the face of it this is close to a tautology, […]

30May 2012

Well, we�re down to the final five candidates. At the end of my last blog, on Episode 10, I asked of each of them, �who are you?� Last night, we were able to see a short documentary about each one, so are a little closer to knowing the answers (even though Karren Brady herself made […]

24May 2012

When will any of this year�s candidates show us something special?� For sure (to borrow a phrase from Stephen Brady), we have seen some good performances and some consistency.� We have also seen some of the usual appalling performances � but, I will grant you, fewer than usual.� But I have not detected any outstanding […]

03May 2012

I am working in France this week and unsure when I will get to see and comment on Episode 7. So, to tide you over, some humour�           This is an official BBC video made by Radio 1 presenter Matt Edmonson. It is a nice skit on last week�s Episode 6. […]

18Apr 2012

Well, I said creativity would be central to this year�s Apprentice (in my 3 April blog post) and what could be more creative than this week�s task? That task was to: Come up with a new fitness programme that will start a trend Create a promotional video and branding, and Pitch it to three health […]

10Apr 2012

Last week, I made the assertion that creativity is going to be an essential skill for this year’s candidates. �This week I want to give some hints and tips about how to get creative ideas, and next week, I’ll examine how to evaluate those ideas. �It is too late for this year’s candidates, of course, […]

04Apr 2012

Two Roads Diverged� Once again, the cause of the losing team�s failure is absolutely clear � and once again, the same problem plagued both teams � and also, once again, Lord Sugar�s opening remarks presaged the key problem: it�s almost as if he knows what he�s talking about. Fancy that! But the response within each […]

03Apr 2012

A lot of Apprentice tasks require a considerable degree of creativity. It has always been thus for as long as I have been watching, and the past two weeks of series eight have both put it at the heart of the tasks. I expect many more like this, because this series, like the last, is […]

28Mar 2012

For what it�s worth, I was distinctly underwhelmed by what I saw tonight.� I�m finding it hard to see any glimmers of who might emerge from the ruins of 12 weeks of tasks as a worthy winner.� For my money, only one person tonight even started to impress me, and they were a long way […]

22Mar 2012

Last night�s first episode of the new series of The Apprentice gave us one simple, powerful business lesson. But, unusually, we had to wait to the very end to learn it.� Along the way, two new teams formed, with the names Phoenix (men) and Sterling (women) to add to the growing list of Apprentice team […]

13Mar 2012

The broadcast date and names of the candidates have been announced for series 8 of BBC’s The Apprentice. The series starts at 9pm on Wednesday 21 March, on BBC1. Many other news websites are better places to find biographies of the candidates, and doubtless the gossip columnists will be starting work, looking for salacious material. […]

24Feb 2012

2012 The Apprentice: Series Eight The BBC has confirmed that the eighth series of “The Apprentice“�will be back on our TV screens late March, on BBC1. �It is likely that Lord Sugar will again be joined by�Karren Brady and Nick Hewer. The supporting BBC2 show, “You�re Fired”�is also likely to return to accompany it. In […]

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