16Apr 2013

In a full length feature article for Training Journal, I explained why simply being smart as a leader is not enough. The wisdom of leadership Without a doubt, leaders need to be smart. They need to juggle different aspects of their leadership roles while retaining currency in their areas of technical expertise. They need to […]

13Feb 2013

“We only use about ten per cent of our brains.” You have probably heard someone make that assertion at some time. �Maybe you have even made it yourself. It’s rubbish. �FMRI and other imaging shows that all parts of our brain have uses.� I suppose that some folk do only use a small proportion of […]

06Dec 2012

One of my favourite websites is Quora. It is a site where anyone can ask any question that interests you. �And members will post their answers. �Members can also read the answers and promote or demote the answers to create a list of answers with those considered best nearer the top. One recent question was: […]

12Sep 2012

I am enjoying the latest book by John Brockman – editor of The Edge�(which was referred to by The Observer as “the world’s smartest website”. �The book, “This will make you smarter” is a collation of essays by 165 of the finest thinkers and scientists, in response to a single question: “What scientific concept would […]

04Sep 2012

SMART Goals are everywhere. Every organisation has its own framework – mostly familiar; occasionally innovative. Trainers and speakers (like me) get competitive. I only had to hear that one trainer offered SMARTER Goals to be off and running. In my book Brilliant Time Management, I put forward the acme: SMARTEST Goals. ‘Beat that!’ I thought. Specific Meaningful […]

09Aug 2012

Smart people can think quickly and respond effectively. Wisdom can take longer. But is there a way to respond quickly and insightfully?   You can click on the image to read a full size pdf version. You can read the whole July-August 2012 issue of Business Uncovered too.

24Jul 2012

We are our habits The way you portray yourself � unless you make a habit of dissembling (sorry, acting) � is pretty much a basket of your current set of habits.� And your thought processes too, are likely to be largely habitual.� You eat at your favourite restaurants, drive the same route to work or […]

08Jun 2012

Arthur Koestler, in �The Act of Creation� wrote of the intimate relationship between humour and creativity; of �aha� and �haha�. This is borne out by experiment and also has a plausible explanation in terms of brain function.

06Jun 2012

Developing wisdom is not an easy or a quick process.� It takes stamina and commitment.� So one simple and powerful support to the process is to set up a routine and practice it until it becomes habit.� A little improvement may seem imperceptible, but a little improvement upon a little improvement, upon a little improvement� […]

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