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22Apr 2014

�This book is sure to expand the way you think about aligning and engaging your stakeholders. It should become the go-to source of knowledge for a 360-degree view on how to develop or improve your approach.� MARK WATSON CEO, Purple Works Strategy, Communication and Coaching Consultancy Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2014 A highly practical roadmap […]

28Sep 2010

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12Jan 2009
The Influence Agenda

A highly practical roadmap for driving and implementing change. Learn how to properly influence, engage, and enlist the support of your key stakeholders.

10Jan 2009
How to Speak so People Listen

You know how vital good communication is in business. But what�s the point if no-one�s listening to you? Ensure what you�re saying is being listened to and making a difference.

09Jan 2009

If you find yourself rushing through life, balancing multiple priorities, constantly busy but not really getting anywhere; then you need this book.

08Jan 2009

How to take the knowledge that you have and turn it into the wisdom that leads people to regard you as a trusted colleague, partner or advisor.

07Jan 2009

Take a look beyond the formal project management disciplines at how to lead your team and offers you a wealth of brilliant tips, tools and insights.

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