Brilliant Time Management

31Jan 2013

At the heart of my original book on personal time management, “Brilliant Time Management” was a simple principle: The OATS Principle. I originally planned to place it at the start of the book, but as the book took shape, I decided to make it the summary of much of what came before, rather than introduce […]

17Dec 2012

This autumn has been an extremely busy time for me, and early in the autumn, I started�trialing�a new work-planning and organising system.� It is very simple and, my conclusion is, it works magnificently. It is based on an inexpensive stationery item, a simple multi-part folder.� In my case, I use a none-part file like this […]

01May 2012

Polychronicity is the tendency to multi-task. High multi-taskers are ‘polychrons’. Research shows that is, for most people at most times, less efficient and effective than serial monochronicity- doing one thing at a time, one after the other. But the realities of modern life include interruptions, multiple sources of information, and constantly growing demands. Evidence also […]

08Mar 2012

I�ve been starting to use a great new piece of web software called Wunderkit.� I love it! Recently, I became a fan of Trello � and wrote about it on my other blog, Shift Happens! Take a look at that article. Trello is not a project management tool, but it is suitable for project collaboration.� […]

21Feb 2012

My friend Rich is an artist blacksmith, working at the Much Hadham Forge. I asked about the status of a screen he is finishing for me and got this reply: “Your screen is top of my list now. Unfortunately for you my list isn’t chronologically arranged.” Marvellous!

21Feb 2012

Have you ever been let down by someone? Maybe you asked a colleague to go prepare an analysis for you.� Perhaps you asked a client to make a decision.� Or did you order something form an online retailer? Then what happens? You get on with your work or your life but hey� Where is that […]

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