09Dec 2015

Hang on… That’s wrong. Surely management is about you, the team. Surely managers need to be focused on other people: their suppliers, customers, partners, colleagues, subordinates, bosses… even their peers. And so you do. And no-one likes a self-absorbed solipsist. Me, me, me: no. That’s just wrong. But is it? Let’s take a closer look […]

13Feb 2013

“We only use about ten per cent of our brains.” You have probably heard someone make that assertion at some time. �Maybe you have even made it yourself. It’s rubbish. �FMRI and other imaging shows that all parts of our brain have uses.� I suppose that some folk do only use a small proportion of […]

12Sep 2012

I am enjoying the latest book by John Brockman – editor of The Edge�(which was referred to by The Observer as “the world’s smartest website”. �The book, “This will make you smarter” is a collation of essays by 165 of the finest thinkers and scientists, in response to a single question: “What scientific concept would […]

04Sep 2012

SMART Goals are everywhere. Every organisation has its own framework – mostly familiar; occasionally innovative. Trainers and speakers (like me) get competitive. I only had to hear that one trainer offered SMARTER Goals to be off and running. In my book Brilliant Time Management, I put forward the acme: SMARTEST Goals. ‘Beat that!’ I thought. Specific Meaningful […]

09Aug 2012

Smart people can think quickly and respond effectively. Wisdom can take longer. But is there a way to respond quickly and insightfully?   You can click on the image to read a full size pdf version. You can read the whole July-August 2012 issue of Business Uncovered too.

24Jul 2012

We are our habits The way you portray yourself � unless you make a habit of dissembling (sorry, acting) � is pretty much a basket of your current set of habits.� And your thought processes too, are likely to be largely habitual.� You eat at your favourite restaurants, drive the same route to work or […]

06Jun 2012

Developing wisdom is not an easy or a quick process.� It takes stamina and commitment.� So one simple and powerful support to the process is to set up a routine and practice it until it becomes habit.� A little improvement may seem imperceptible, but a little improvement upon a little improvement, upon a little improvement� […]

16May 2012

As we develop ourselves and grow our lives and careers, wisdom reminds us that we need to maintain balance between different aspects of our lives, whilst making choices about where to focus at different stages in our growth.

09May 2012

Nearly four years on from the start of the financial crisis, times are still tough. Businesses are struggling and so are many families. Everybody is trying to be smart about the way they deliver services, win work, create sales, and manage the finances or family budget. And these are just the surface level problems that […]

24Apr 2012

  �Mike’s wonderful insight and analysis of what makes people not just smart but wise is sheer genius!� If you want to lead authentically, persuade powerfully, manage effectively, network productively, engage passionately and live contentedly, this book should be the ‘go to’ choice in your personal development library.” Rob Brown, author of bestselling ‘How to […]

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