02Dec 2015
Warren Bennis Manager or Leader / Management vs Leadership

Manager or Leader? On of the most familiar components of management and leadership training is Warren Bennis’s comparison between leadership and management. Managers promote change, but it is the role of leaders to design it. Managers need to take effective action, while leaders need to ensure that their actions are meaningful. What role would you […]

16Apr 2013

In a full length feature article for Training Journal, I explained why simply being smart as a leader is not enough. The wisdom of leadership Without a doubt, leaders need to be smart. They need to juggle different aspects of their leadership roles while retaining currency in their areas of technical expertise. They need to […]

06Jun 2012

Developing wisdom is not an easy or a quick process.� It takes stamina and commitment.� So one simple and powerful support to the process is to set up a routine and practice it until it becomes habit.� A little improvement may seem imperceptible, but a little improvement upon a little improvement, upon a little improvement� […]

11Apr 2012

Stories are a way of passing wisdom from the teller to the listener.� This has been known for as long as there have been storytellers and audiences, and many of our greatest stories from all of humanities cultures contain deep and lasting truths.�

19Mar 2012

Leadership development has evolved a lot over the last twenty years.� But it still focuses on two aspects of leadership: The roles a leader must fulfil The styles of leadership that will make them successful

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