21Jan 2015
Duncker's Candle, matches and thumb tacks

  There is a classic psychology test, known as Duncker’s candle problem, in which subjects are given a candle, a box of matches and some drawing pins (thumb tacks). The task is to fix a lit candle onto a cork-board on the wall so the candle won’t drip wax onto the table below. The test […]

03Dec 2014
5 Powerhouse Thinking Modes

The human brain has a number of different modes of thinking, which I characterize as Click, Bubble, Hum, Squeak and Sigh. These are just a helpful model of complex set of brain functions that, we continue to discover, are deeply interconnected. Take, for example, an experiment carried out by researchers at the University of Amsterdam, […]

13Feb 2013

“We only use about ten per cent of our brains.” You have probably heard someone make that assertion at some time. �Maybe you have even made it yourself. It’s rubbish. �FMRI and other imaging shows that all parts of our brain have uses.� I suppose that some folk do only use a small proportion of […]

12Sep 2012

I am enjoying the latest book by John Brockman – editor of The Edge�(which was referred to by The Observer as “the world’s smartest website”. �The book, “This will make you smarter” is a collation of essays by 165 of the finest thinkers and scientists, in response to a single question: “What scientific concept would […]

08Jun 2012

Arthur Koestler, in �The Act of Creation� wrote of the intimate relationship between humour and creativity; of �aha� and �haha�. This is borne out by experiment and also has a plausible explanation in terms of brain function.

30May 2012

Smart to Wise can now offer you a set of powerful cognitive enhancers with no adverse side effects. Controversy is only just beginning to bite, around the ethics and safety of cognitive enhancement drugs like Modafinil � see for example this BBC report.� We can be sure that society will increasingly debate the ethics over […]

09May 2012

Nearly four years on from the start of the financial crisis, times are still tough. Businesses are struggling and so are many families. Everybody is trying to be smart about the way they deliver services, win work, create sales, and manage the finances or family budget. And these are just the surface level problems that […]

13Apr 2012

Here is a short (1min 45sec) podcast on the meaning of our word wise and why wisdom must include perception, the second pillar. [audio:|titles=The Meaning of Wisdom]  

04Apr 2012

The smart thing to do is to care.
The smart thing is to ask questions and to find out.
The smart thing to do is to listen, and then move on.

But is that enough; especially when it really matters?

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