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05Aug 2015
Silence 700x400

In my last article about gravitas, I talked about the importance of slowing down and, ultimately, of stillness. Let’s extend that idea a step further. We recognise gravitas when we encounter a set of attitudes and behaviours that conform to our expectations of authority, credibility and wisdom. What makes gravitas does depend, to a degree, […]

18Feb 2015
Blank Signpost

One morning – as I nearly always do, I took a look at the usual LinkedIn email offering me the chance to congratulate former colleagues, clients and contacts. And as always, I made a point of following up with new jobs and roles, but ignoring third anniversaries. But one anniversary stood out. It was when one former […]

28Jan 2015

I was mending fences at the weekend; quite literally. In the UK, we had some heavy winds over the holiday and new year period, which finally put an end to fencing that was on borrowed time. Events can do this to relationships too. And while I was doing it, it struck me that the expression, […]

03Dec 2014
5 Powerhouse Thinking Modes

The human brain has a number of different modes of thinking, which I characterize as Click, Bubble, Hum, Squeak and Sigh. These are just a helpful model of complex set of brain functions that, we continue to discover, are deeply interconnected. Take, for example, an experiment carried out by researchers at the University of Amsterdam, […]

17Apr 2013

In a full length feature article for�Training Journal, I explained why simply being smart as a leader is not enough. The wisdom of leadership Without a doubt, leaders need to be smart. They need to juggle different aspects of their leadership roles while retaining currency in their areas of technical expertise. They need to have […]

06Feb 2013

Smart to Wise was my hardest book to write, so far. And this includes the new book I have just sent to my publisher, Pearson, which is by far the most complex of my ten books to date. One of the reasons why Smart to Wise was so difficult to write was the discipline of […]

30Jul 2012
Edge Review Pages July/August 2012

ILM is the Institute of Leadership and Management. Their bi-monthly magazine �Edge� features reviews of the best new business books and I am delighted to have received a four star review in the July/August 2012 edition. Go to the mart to Wise website for more reviews and testimonials, and read the full review here below.

19Jun 2012

Articles supporting my newest book,�Smart to Wise, are starting to appear in the press, and this is one of my favourites. Commissioned by�Changing Careers�magazine,��Smart is Not Enough��discusses how wisdom opens doors for you as you contemplate your next career move, and it reflects on some of my own experiences.� In the article, I use the […]

20Mar 2012

“Both” say researchers Melanie Dempsey (of Ryerson University) and Andrew Mitchell (of the University of Toronto). Their 2010 study* had three stages. Stage 1 They exposed experimental participants to hundreds of screen images.� Among the images were images linked to two invented brands of pen.� One brand was designed to be far superior to the […]

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