Young Apprentice 2011

29Nov 2011

This week�s task was the �go and buy 10 random things for the best price� exercise � or procurement, as it is more formally known. As is the case for too many real-life procurement departments, best price is all, with no prizes for a much better product at a marginally higher price.� However, the basic […]

22Nov 2011

This week�s task was dominated by the personalities of the two team leaders � selected by Lord Sugar, who clearly had a shrewd idea what would happen. Let�s however start with a few raw details about the task itself. The teams had to create a brand and a TV advert for an antiperspirant/deodorant targeted at […]

25Oct 2011

Last night we were introduced to the twelve young people whose Apprentice hopes we will be following for the next eight weeks. The six girls and six boys immediately got down to picking team names, settling on: Boys: �Atomic� Girls: �Kinetic� With Kinetic, the girls managed to find a name already selected by a 2007 […]

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