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Personal Effectiveness Books

Brilliant Time Management / How to Manage Your Time

Understanding Your own Time
OATS Planning Tools
Goal Setting Tools
Filing and Organising
Brilliant Meetings

The Yes/No Book

Chapter 2: Bury the Gopher
Chapter 3: The Meaning of NO
Chapter 4: When to say ‘YES’ and when to say ‘NO’
Chapter 6: The Psychology of NO
Chapter 9: How to say ‘NO’

Brilliant Stress Management / How to Manage Stress

You will be at your happiest when your values and your purpose in life support one another. Chapter 5 of Brilliant Stress Management will help you understand the importance of taking control of your attitudes. Download this Values Worksheet, to help you with the Brilliant Exercise: “Understanding and renewing your values.”

Smart to Wise

There are no downloadable resources for Smart to Wise.

Communication Skills Books

Brilliant Influence / How to Influence in Any Situation

There are no downloadable resources for Brilliant Influence.

How to Speak so People Listen

How to Speak so People Listen is filled with valuable resources; in particular, there are over 20 Speaker’s Checklists.

I have prepared ten items for you to download and put into your briefcase or onto your mobile device. These are free pdf files and all I ask is that you respect my copyright and, if you copy them to a friend or colleague, that you tell them where you got them from and how good the book is (your honest opinion, please!)

Chapter 4: Get Attention

Speaker’s Checklist – Attention Grabbers

Chapter 5: Get your Message Across
Chapter 7: Focus on Conversations
Chapter 9: Focus on Meetings

Agenda for Results

Chapter 10: Focus on Public Speaking

Project Management Books

How to Manage a Great Project

There are over 30 ‘Organising Yourself’ tools and templates for you to download, along with videos and posters.

If you are not a reader, you are still welcome to download the tools, but you will find clear explanations of how to use them – along with the eight clear steps to managing a great project – in the book. So I hope you will want to buy a copy soon.

All Steps
Step 1: What do you want?
Step 2: Does it stack up?
Step 3: Who cares?
Step 4: How will you get what you want
Step 5: Who will help?
Step 6 What if it goes wrong?
Step 7: How is it going?
Step 8: How did it go?

Risk Happens!

Risk Management Templates
  • Risk Potential Review
    Based on Table 4.2, this template offers a quick and effective assessment of the overall risk level of your project.
  • Risk Happens! Risk Register Template
    This template collates all of the risk register elements illustrated in Tables 4.7, 5.17, 6.7, and 7.1. The columns of this risk register are fully described in the book. (Excel format)
  • Risk Management Plan
    Over-arching plan for risk management across your project
  • Risk Response Plan
    For detailed response to an individual risk
Templates for related project controls

Brilliant Project Leader

Chapter 2: Focus on Individuals
Chapter 4: Foster a True Sense of Team Spirit
Chapter 5: Communicate Relentlessly – and well
Chapter 7: Project Planning Stage
Chapter 8: Project Delivery Stage
Chapter 9: Project Closure Stage

General Management Books

Handling Resistance Pocketbook

Download a free extract from the Handling Resistance Pocketbook

Order a pdf version of the Handling Resistance Pocketbook from here.

Download Mike’s articles from Training Journal:

Resistance to Engagement (August 2011)
Employee engagement initiatives often meet with scepticism, resistance and even hostility. Why is this? Can we understand the source of the resistance and build on this understanding to create positive ways to handle it?

Creating the Onion Model (September 2011)
Mike Clayton explains how he created his onion model for resistance – to ideas, to change, to sales, and to employee engagement.

Management Models Pocketbook

There are no resources for the Management Models Pocketbook.


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