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New Manager's Five-week Success System 


Keeping your people well motivated is essential to your success, if you want them to perform at their best, go the extra mile, and bounce back from setbacks.

Motivation is both complex and simple.
We'll focus on the practical things you can do.

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The best way to assess how valid this material is, in you culture, is to try it out. I am so confident that this course will change your life that I offer you an unconditional, no questions asked, full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee. If you don't think this will give you the tools to do more with your time, then just ask for your money back.

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Discover the Triangle of Confidence and four great tips for showing and feeling confidence in your new role.



Management is often about getting other people to do the work. The art of delegations  central to your new role. Here is the how of doing it well.



Keeping your people well motivated is essential, if you want them to perform at their best, go the extra mile, & bounce back from setbacks. 


The SCOPE Process

This is the five step process that allows you to handle any sudden request, setback or challenge.

Are you a new manager, or soon-to-be manager,
who has not had any training in management?

You are probably good at doing what you do, but managing others is a new skill.
You need to win respect, motivate effort, and improve performance.
There is a lot to learn.

What You'll Get from the Full 25-Part Course:

  • The New Manager's Five-week Success System will give you all the information you need to start managing effectively, from day 1.
    And, if you are already a new manager, then you will be able to apply this material straight away, and get immediate results.
  • Do you want to succeed quickly? ...or fail slowly?
    Take this course if you aim to succeed in management, and you want to make a rapid start....
    Especially if you are in a management role for the first time and feel out of your depth, without the support and guidance you need.
    Let Mike Clayton, with 20 years of being a manager and training managers, be your guide.
  • Do You Have to do One-a-day for Five Weeks?

    That structure makes it easy for people with only a few minutes to spare, each day.
    If you prefer to work through them, faster, or to dip in and out, or to watch what you need, when you need it...
    That's fine by me.
  • Here's what you'll get...
    At the end of this course, you will be able to manage your team well… and to do so with confidence. You will be ready to take your place as an effective manager in your organization.
    In this course, you’ll get 25 modules, covering all the basics of management. They are split into five sections with five themes:
  • personal effectiveness
  • communication skills
  • managing individuals
  • managing teams
  • manager’s toolkit

Take a look at the 25 lectures in the curriculum to see what you'll be covering, in more detail.

So, that’s one group of five videos a week: one a day. Each video gives you four essential tips that you can apply straight away to get guaranteed results. They build up into an indispensable list of 100 ‘do this’ essentials that will transform your ability to get results.

What People Say about Mike's Seminars

Fantastic! Best training I’ve ever been on. Concise and relevant and does what it says without waffle and team exercises.

Sarah Hammond 
East Riding of Yorkshire Council                 

Very informative especially if you have no formal business training. Presented to help one modify their own ability to run their business, without the complexity usually brought out by business books and courses.

Carol Kariuki 

Packed in a significant portion of powerful management advice into such a short time frame. Many of the tools were familiar but linked in this way gave them added value to me.

Chris Self
Millwood House Consultants Ltd

Well presented, providing clear + practical advice based on proven theory. Would definitely recommend.

Liz Gage
Zenith Chambers

Very good speaker who knows the topics very well.Helped to build on my understanding of management and my confidence in my own ability.

Emer Crowley
Articad Ltd

A very interesting and insightful seminar with lots of good ideas. Mike is a very good presenter.

Alan Bamforth
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