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The Apprentice 9: Substance over Form
It is getting close to the end now and two factors combine to make the show ever more compelling: 1. We are starting to get to know many of the candidates so, like soaps and real family, we start to feel allegiances, and 2. Few candidates are shoe-ins for a firing, so we are�intrigued to […]
The Apprentice: Tom and the Nature of Leadership
In�last week�s analysis of The Apprentice (week 8), I highlighted three people and promised a short blog on each. In the second of these, I want to look at Tom Pellereau�s inability to seize the leadership of a task that Lord Sugar had chosen him to lead, and consider the question: What makes a leader? […]
The Apprentice 8: Three People
This week�s episode of The Apprentice drew our attention firmly to three people.� Only time will tell the extent to which the producers are sign-posting the future, or practicing the art of misdirection, or simply reflecting fairly the balance of what really transpired in the many hours of this week�s footage that will never be […]
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