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�It ain’t the Stress that does the damage

What is stress? It is all of the day-to-day, week-to-week problems and difficulties we have to face. It is the angry boss, the aggressive driver, the rude shop assistant, the pressing deadline, the stupid helpdesk and the queue that never moves in the supermarket. It is the endless list of things we have to do.

We all have this in our lives, so why is it that some people let themselves get really stressed and frustrated and angry; and make themselves really ill… whilst others seem to take it all in their stride: they’re cool, they’re relaxed, they just handle it. Nothing seems to stress them.

Stress is the combination of events that challenge us psychologically and physiologically. And because we sometimes respond well, coping and even thriving under the pressure; and at other times our response is to get ‘stressed out’, it is clearly not the stress that does the damage: it is our response to it.

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This article is based on my book: Brilliant Stress Management

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