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Are you a Smart PM or a Wise Project Manager?

Smart or wise; what?s the difference?

I think we all know smart when we see it and I will stick my neck out (though not too far) and suggest that all or at the very least, the vast majority of PM Student readers are smart.? If you are smart, you can get by, you can adapt, you are adept at operating in the environment you occupy and people feel you can get things done and make a difference.? You can probably also sense which way the wind is blowing and you will certainly want to invest to take advantage of future opportunities.

A word that often goes with ‘smart’ is ‘savvy’. ‘Savvy’ comes from the French verb ‘savoir’ which means ‘to know’. So if you are smart and savvy, then you know stuff – which is great.- But how do you use that knowledge?

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Risk Happens

Why Every Project Manager needs to Understand Risk

Project management is a discipline born from necessity? If projects were not so challenging, we wouldn?t need a separate toolkit and processes.? But we do need them, because when we try to create change under constraints like schedule, performance and budget, we face the unknown.

Your response as a project manager is to define and plan your project with care, gathering all available data and then applying your experience, expertise and reasoning to generate a plan.

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