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Brilliant Influence

Because the Bankers Academy is members-only, I have reproduced the content here.

Our interview covers:

  • The three critical areas where you need influence as a banking professional.
  • How influence will help you if you want to be seen as a serious prospect for career advancement.
  • Exactly what influence is and what it isn’t, and how influence can change the odds in your favour.
  • Why everyone in leadership and management needs influencing skills to convince people.
  • Why influence is poorly understood and how few people learn influencing skills after childhood.
  • The power of how you look and what you say to influence others.
  • Why everyone is born a great influencer.
  • That influence is coachable and available to those willing to learn a few simple principles.
  • Why excuses simply don’t work in taking responsibility for our influence and our communication.
  • Why people are too content or too lazy to become the influential powerhousethey could be.
  • The two critical ways influence has changed over the years.
  • What the great influencers know and do that lesser people don’t.
  • Why influence is legitimate control over people, situations and outcomes.
  • That bankers who can influence simply stack the odds and give themselves an edge.
  • Why ‘context‘ is key in influencing others.
  • The easiest way ever of influencing someone.
  • Why influencers are great at ‘reading people’.
  • Great ways to build credibility with those you want to influence.
  • The ‘your Doctor would tell you’ principle of expert status to’ make people act the way you want them to.
  • Why you must ‘look the part’ for more influence.
  • The power of obligation and giving gifts to induce the actions you desire.
  • The power of your spoken and written communications to win trust and gain influence.

Listen to our interview here.

If you can’t see or use the sound cloud player, then just click here.

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