More than Motivational...

Mike's talks are rigorously researched to provide intellectual honesty, deep insights, and practical application. Mike is not a 'motivational speaker' but motivation and inspiration are a by-product of the intellectual respect he pays his audiences.

"This was a highlight & will be talked about for a while."
          Delegate, Trend Controls Commercial Kick-off Conference

"The audience found that Mike’s introduction to such a complex subject was both witty and interactive and enabled the audience to leave with some very helpful tips and an insight into what can be achieved with further training."
          Martyn Morgan, Partner & Conference Organiser, Quality Solicitors Talbots

"Mike Clayton's presentation to the Top Achievers seminar on "Effective Leadership" was excellent. This was interspersed with humour which made the presentation more engaging. He fully met the requirements of my brief, and I have no hesitation in strongly recommending him for talks, workshops or seminars."
          Peter F. Haddon, Managing Director, Top Achievers Limited

Below are five standard keynotes.
Contact Mike to discuss how they can be customised for you, and other topics he can offer (take a look at his seminars).


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