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Have you ever been let down by someone? Maybe you asked a colleague to go prepare an analysis for you.� Perhaps you asked a client to make a decision.� Or did you order something form an online retailer? Then what happens? You get on with your work or your life but hey� Where is that […]

Dilly-dallying. Frittering time away. Idling. Loafing. Loitering. Procrastination takes many forms, each eating away at your time and dulling your edge. Battle procrastination and take action with Dr Mike Clayton’s seven ways to get started when you’d rather stay still. Here’s an article I posted on�smarta.com We have all had one of those days. Sometimes […]

For some people, the most valuable time in their week is 30 minutes to an hour of high quality, time-limited thinking time, which they set aside to think about what they don�t have time to think about at any other time; the things they are missing when they look at their plans, the questions they […]

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