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The Onion Model of Resistance is a model I developed initially to describe resistance to change. I subsequently generalised it to cover handling: resistance to ideas in a presentation sales objections resistance in a learning environment resistance to engagement Full details are in the Handling Resistance Pocketbook. I recently had a couple of articles published by […]

This month’s edition of Training Journal focuses on the topic of “engagement”, with seven feature articles dedicated to the topic. I really like what the new�editor, Elizabeth Eyre, has done in theming each issue. �The quality of the articles these days is excellent, so�I was honoured that Elizabeth asked me to contribute. Handling Resistance My […]

Next week, on 6 April, I will be speaking at the Annual CIPD HRD Exhibition. Let’s just get the Acronyms out of the way If you don’t know them: CIPD: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – the UK professional body for Human Resources (HR) officers HRD: �Human Resource Development – training, mentoring, coaching, organisational […]

Shift happens, things change.� I took a look at the final proofs for Handling Resistance Pocketbook on Friday.� They are looking great, with Phil�s witty illustrations now fully drawn.� I did, however realise that the contents list has shifted a little from the listing in my 7 April Blog.� So here is a more up-to-date […]

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