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November’s copy of The Treasurer is out. �This is the professional magazine of the Association of Corporate Treasurer’s and the editor invited me to write an article about negotiation. �You can read a version of my article below, or click the image to download the article as a pdf.   The need to negotiate is […]

Try an experiment � probably it�s best to do it when nobody is looking. See if you can quickly make a facial expression of happiness.� Easy?� Try this one: sadness. Let�s keep going: here are a few more to try: Happiness Sadness Anger Disgust Fear Contempt Surprise Frustration For most of us, we don�t need […]

Let’s resume…   In Part 1, we met Steve Hudson, creator of the Hudson Voice Technique. This is a systematic process for using your voice like a precision tool to convey emotion and conviction, draw your listener in, and enhance memory retention. This is an essential part of your influencing toolkit. Let’s look at another […]

Voice can Influence You only have to hear the clear, commanding tones of some of the finest actors – men and women – to believe in the power of the voice to influence. Albert Mehrabian’s famous (and much abused) formulation suggests that voice carries 38% of our confidence in the meaning of a message. It ascribes 55% […]

I will be speaking at the Winchester Cafe Scientifique on Monday 4 July 7 for 7:30pm on: The Psychology of Influence How to get more of what you want, change minds and see promises kept What? What difference can one word make, when you are in a hurry? Why does doing you a small favour […]

I was recently interviewed by�Rob Brown, for his terrific website�Professional Banking Academy. This website is designed to help banking professionals increase their influence and win more business. Rob already has an archive of interviews with great professionals and I was pleased to spend half an hour with him discussing the principles of influence. The interview […]

These days, one of our most important writing skills is the ability to draft a short �subject line� for our emails.� So it amazes me how carelessly many people approach the task.� But it matters � because we get so much email.� So your email in my inbox is competing with so many others to […]

I got another stamp on my coffee shop loyalty card yesterday. As I took it from my wallet, I momentarily brought out the wrong one and I compared the two cards. One had nine boxes when I got it: the other had ten.� Both schemes work the same way: Collect a stamp with each tea, […]

�People like people who are like themselves� This is a pretty familiar saying and certainly one you can rely upon when trying to influence others.� However, there is another version that is equally true, but less familiar. �People like people who are like they want to be� The first version works on the �I�m gorgeous, […]

Sophia (?????): goddess of wisdom, mistress of influence Sophia indicates a simple seven step process for persuasion. State clearly and unambiguously what you want If you meet any resistance, deny the resistance and re-state your requirement, exactly as before If necessary, reiterate your point by responding to any resistance with a vehement �no!� Feel free […]

Sixteen years ago, my friend and colleague, Judith, pointed out to me that: �women notice shoes�. Sweeping Generalisation Alert I about to talk in generalisations here, so there are exceptions, of course.� I am also talking about British culture, as I know the details of no other � although I suspect that similar cultures, like […]

You will rarely have the opportunity to make a case for something that is so self-evidently right, that nobody could doubt it.� We don�t need to make the case for these things.� Usually, in� the real world, there are counter-arguments. And when there are, your best bet is to tackle them up front.� If what […]

The advance copies of Brilliant Influence arrived today, and they will soon (18 November) be in the shops. �You can pre-order it today from Amazon. To celebrate, here�s a Halloween influencing tip. Trick or Treat Fear of consequences is a powerful persuader, but rarely ethical outside the world of innocent childish pranks.� But how does […]

Influencers hate making concessions.� But not only is it sometimes necessary, it can be a good way to get what you want. How can concessions get you what you want? When I offer you a concession, you will feel I have given you something and consequently, the �fairness circuits� in your brain will cry out […]

In a recent post, Avoid Resistance, I identified three useful planning tools that will help you avoid unnecessary resistance: Stakeholder Triage Communication Schedule Transition Plan In this post, I want to focus on putting together a communications plan. It�s Just a Table Let�s assume you want to create a plan for one of the stakeholders […]

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