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Two years ago, readership of my blog increased by a factor of twenty as I charted the highs and lows of a remarkable group of Apprentice candidates. Very quickly, it seemed to me that writing a weekly (sometimes twice a week) analysis was both fun and commercially valuable. So I repeated it with the next […]

The third � and, it seems, final � series of BBC�s Young Apprentice is due to air later this autumn.� There has been no formal announcement yet by the BBC, but Lord Sugar tweeted earlier this week: �I just heard that Young Apprentice will start in November and run for 8 weeks up to Xmas […]

In tonight�s Apprentice semi-final, Lord Sugar finally bowed to the inevitable.� And if it was inevitable, what can we possibly learn from it? The task was to create a range of �affordable luxury products�.� Excuse me, Lord Sugar� affordable to whom?� How much luxury?� On the face of it this is close to a tautology, […]

Well, we�re down to the final five candidates. At the end of my last blog, on Episode 10, I asked of each of them, �who are you?� Last night, we were able to see a short documentary about each one, so are a little closer to knowing the answers (even though Karren Brady herself made […]

When will any of this year�s candidates show us something special?� For sure (to borrow a phrase from Stephen Brady), we have seen some good performances and some consistency.� We have also seen some of the usual appalling performances � but, I will grant you, fewer than usual.� But I have not detected any outstanding […]

I am working in France this week and unsure when I will get to see and comment on Episode 7. So, to tide you over, some humour�           This is an official BBC video made by Radio 1 presenter Matt Edmonson. It is a nice skit on last week�s Episode 6. […]

Two Roads Diverged� Once again, the cause of the losing team�s failure is absolutely clear � and once again, the same problem plagued both teams � and also, once again, Lord Sugar�s opening remarks presaged the key problem: it�s almost as if he knows what he�s talking about. Fancy that! But the response within each […]

A lot of Apprentice tasks require a considerable degree of creativity. It has always been thus for as long as I have been watching, and the past two weeks of series eight have both put it at the heart of the tasks. I expect many more like this, because this series, like the last, is […]

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