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This autumn has been an extremely busy time for me, and early in the autumn, I started�trialing�a new work-planning and organising system.� It is very simple and, my conclusion is, it works magnificently. It is based on an inexpensive stationery item, a simple multi-part folder.� In my case, I use a none-part file like this […]

The Brilliant method for Managing your Time bytestart.co.uk is a website full of resources for anyone who wants to start up a small business. I was asked to write them a short article on practical time management and decided to go to the heart of the issue: the OATS method. �The short article I wrote […]

I thoroughly enjoyed recording my first web TV show, and it went live at 7am UK time on Friday 15 April. You can see it here. The show was called��So much to do but so little time� and it is on the Photo Night Live website, run by presenter Ross Dean.� Photo Night Live is […]