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Try an experiment � probably it�s best to do it when nobody is looking. See if you can quickly make a facial expression of happiness.� Easy?� Try this one: sadness. Let�s keep going: here are a few more to try: Happiness Sadness Anger Disgust Fear Contempt Surprise Frustration For most of us, we don�t need […]

Voice can Influence You only have to hear the clear, commanding tones of some of the finest actors – men and women – to believe in the power of the voice to influence. Albert Mehrabian’s famous (and much abused) formulation suggests that voice carries 38% of our confidence in the meaning of a message. It ascribes 55% […]

I got another stamp on my coffee shop loyalty card yesterday. As I took it from my wallet, I momentarily brought out the wrong one and I compared the two cards. One had nine boxes when I got it: the other had ten.� Both schemes work the same way: Collect a stamp with each tea, […]

�People like people who are like themselves� This is a pretty familiar saying and certainly one you can rely upon when trying to influence others.� However, there is another version that is equally true, but less familiar. �People like people who are like they want to be� The first version works on the �I�m gorgeous, […]

Sophia (?????): goddess of wisdom, mistress of influence Sophia indicates a simple seven step process for persuasion. State clearly and unambiguously what you want If you meet any resistance, deny the resistance and re-state your requirement, exactly as before If necessary, reiterate your point by responding to any resistance with a vehement �no!� Feel free […]

You will rarely have the opportunity to make a case for something that is so self-evidently right, that nobody could doubt it.� We don�t need to make the case for these things.� Usually, in� the real world, there are counter-arguments. And when there are, your best bet is to tackle them up front.� If what […]

In a recent post, Avoid Resistance, I identified three useful planning tools that will help you avoid unnecessary resistance: Stakeholder Triage Communication Schedule Transition Plan In this post, I want to focus on putting together a communications plan. It�s Just a Table Let�s assume you want to create a plan for one of the stakeholders […]

My wife was channel hopping the other day � an uncharacteristic activity in response to enforced torpor.� Both she and our daughter had heavy colds.� Over a cup of tea, we discussed the techniques they used to influence buyers.� Professor Robert Cialdini, author of the highly influential (groan) book on influence, Influence: Science and Practice, […]

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