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Stress is an imposed force. Strain is the deformation that does the damage. Controlling the effects of stress is about three things: reducing the causes reducing the deformation and, perhaps most important… reducing the damage that the deformation does Think of a supple young tree.� It can bend and move in the strongest winds, without […]

Oxytocin is a hormone released during labour and lactation, and and is thought to be important in other maternal behaviours and in pair bonding; it is sometimes known as the �love hormone�.� When it is triggered, we feel a deep sense of comfort and well-being. Leslie Seltzer is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of […]

Disgust is one of the primary emotions and one that we most easily recognise.� Our sense of disgust has evolved for good reason � it protects us from the harmful bacteria that proliferate on decaying plant and animal matter, on our excretions and in bodily fluids. . . But recently, a group of researchers at […]

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