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This autumn has been an extremely busy time for me, and early in the autumn, I started�trialing�a new work-planning and organising system.� It is very simple and, my conclusion is, it works magnificently. It is based on an inexpensive stationery item, a simple multi-part folder.� In my case, I use a none-part file like this […]

Developing wisdom is not an easy or a quick process.� It takes stamina and commitment.� So one simple and powerful support to the process is to set up a routine and practice it until it becomes habit.� A little improvement may seem imperceptible, but a little improvement upon a little improvement, upon a little improvement� […]

Tomorrow’s Apprentice will whittle the final five into the four finalists, who will go forward to the interviews. Which means we are nearly at the end, and nearly at the end of the business lessons to learn – although doubtless there will be a couple tomorrow as the candidates set up their fast food trading […]

I wonder whether it will be possible to draw a meaningful business lesson or insight from each episode of the current series of The Apprentice, which started on BBC television in the UK last night. �Let’s start with Episode 1, and see how we get on. “Roll with the punches” This was yesterday’s catch-phrase. �In […]

Resistance is a necessary part of the process.� Whether you are selling stuff, or selling ideas (or even giving them away); whether you are creating change, or teaching students; you can expect to get some resistance.� After all, you are asking people to change something and that is uncomfortable. With careful planning, however, you can […]

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