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This month’s edition of Training Journal focuses on the topic of “engagement”, with seven feature articles dedicated to the topic. I really like what the new�editor, Elizabeth Eyre, has done in theming each issue. �The quality of the articles these days is excellent, so�I was honoured that Elizabeth asked me to contribute. Handling Resistance My […]

In yesterday’s post, Part 1, we started looking at resistance to engagement, by looking at the basics of the onion model and then peeling the first layer: “I don’t understand why you want me to engage with you.” In this second part, we complete our analysis. �I don�t understand how to engage with you� The […]

People want to be engaged.� They want to be treated fairly, to be consulted about what is happening, and to feel valued and supported.� Yet employee engagement initiatives often meet with scepticism, resistance and even hostility.� Why is this?� Can we understand the source of the resistance and build on this understanding to create positive […]

This month’s edition of Training Journal is focused on the topic of “engagement”, seven feature articles dedicated to the topic. I was honoured to be asked by the editor, Elizabeth Eyre, to contribute. �My article “Resistance to Engagement”�builds on the onion model to discuss why people sometimes resist such an obviously “good thing”. Training Journal […]

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