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New Scientist published a fascinating interview this week with Peter Norvig, Chief Research Officer at Google. �One of his minor claims to fame is �The Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation�.� This is a spoof PowerPoint deck showing how poorly PowerPoint is suited to some forms of communication.� You can download a copy here. It put me in […]

You will rarely have the opportunity to make a case for something that is so self-evidently right, that nobody could doubt it.� We don�t need to make the case for these things.� Usually, in� the real world, there are counter-arguments. And when there are, your best bet is to tackle them up front.� If what […]

A great way to learn about brilliant influence is to watch back editions of The West Wing.� Many of the characters are supreme communicators and, as a political speechwriter, the character of Toby Ziegler is well placed to articulate how to build a compelling speech.� In a few words (which I have put into bold), […]

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