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The smart thing to do is to care.
The smart thing is to ask questions and to find out.
The smart thing to do is to listen, and then move on.

But is that enough; especially when it really matters?

Seth Godin’s tremendous blog is guaranteed to make you think more often than not. �And he manages to put out one a day, seven days a week: wow! Yesterday, he posted “The warning signs of defending the status quo” He sets out thirteen ways people typically react when confronted with change. Here’s an exercise: how […]

I want to cover all things �resistance� in this blog, so I my attention was grabbed by an article in one of my favourite blogs: Seth Godin�s Blog. For anyone not familiar, Seth is a thinker and a provocateur, whose principal outlet is in the discipline of marketing.� But he doesn�t limit himself to this […]

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