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Smart to Wise was my hardest book to write, so far. And this includes the new book I have just sent to my publisher, Pearson, which is by far the most complex of my ten books to date. One of the reasons why Smart to Wise was so difficult to write was the discipline of […]

Articles supporting my newest book,�Smart to Wise, are starting to appear in the press, and this is one of my favourites. Commissioned by�Changing Careers�magazine,��Smart is Not Enough��discusses how wisdom opens doors for you as you contemplate your next career move, and it reflects on some of my own experiences.� In the article, I use the […]

I just received two great reviews for Smart to Wise from two very different, very smart and wise people:Perry Timms, Head of Talent & OD at the Big Lottery Fund, and leading PR trainer and coach, Paula Gardner. Perry’s testimonial is also something of a review, so Paula’s first, then Perry’s. Thank you, both of […]

  �Mike’s wonderful insight and analysis of what makes people not just smart but wise is sheer genius!� If you want to lead authentically, persuade powerfully, manage effectively, network productively, engage passionately and live contentedly, this book should be the ‘go to’ choice in your personal development library.” Rob Brown, author of bestselling ‘How to […]

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