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What is stress? What is stress? It is all of the day-to-day, week-to-week problems and difficulties we have to face. It is the angry boss, the aggressive driver, the rude shop assistant, the pressing deadline, the stupid helpdesk and the queue that never moves in the supermarket. It is the endless list of things we […]

Stress is an imposed force. Strain is the deformation that does the damage. Controlling the effects of stress is about three things: reducing the causes reducing the deformation and, perhaps most important… reducing the damage that the deformation does Think of a supple young tree.� It can bend and move in the strongest winds, without […]

One way to reduce your stress levels, it turns out, is really simple: strike a pose.� Big yourself up with a dominant posture and your hormones follow up with: A rise in your testosterone level, and A drop in your cortisol levels As cortisol is a stress hormone, and testosterone increases aggression, these hormone changes […]

It’s getting to be a habit After my earlier announcement of the name change to Risk Happens!, it’s happened again. �This time it’s the book that was to be called Brilliant Stress Control and is now to be called Brilliant Stress Management.� But the story is less exciting. My publisher and I decided that, although […]

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