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What is stress? What is stress? It is all of the day-to-day, week-to-week problems and difficulties we have to face. It is the angry boss, the aggressive driver, the rude shop assistant, the pressing deadline, the stupid helpdesk and the queue that never moves in the supermarket. It is the endless list of things we […]

Stress is an imposed force. Strain is the deformation that does the damage. Controlling the effects of stress is about three things: reducing the causes reducing the deformation and, perhaps most important… reducing the damage that the deformation does Think of a supple young tree.� It can bend and move in the strongest winds, without […]

The Australian magazine, Bride to Be is running a short feature this month on “How to Have a Stress-free Wedding”. Last autumn, I was asked for expert comment by journalist, Bessie Recep. You can read her excellent article here. I wholly agree with the advice given by the other experts, Dr Mary Casey and Dr Vicki […]

The September/October 2011 edition of Scientific American Mind features two excellent articles on stress: Splintered by Stress tells us that pressure is good for our learning performance, but when it becomes too great, it will reduce performance significantly. Fight the Frazzled Mind suggests that stress prevention beats stress cure   Neither is a radical insight […]

Today, 2 November 2011, is National Stress Awareness Day. The event is organised by the ISMA � the International Stress Management Association. I have to say that the ISMA has produced a bumper crop of resources for you to download from their website. Let�s review some of my favourites. The Wellbeing and Resillience Guides These […]

�The most common cause of long-term absence is stress� is a key finding of The 2011 Absence Management Survey, produced by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Simplyhealth. The report sets out a number of key findings, in a timely fashion � given that Wednesday is National Stress Awareness Day. Let�s take […]

Oxytocin is a hormone released during labour and lactation, and and is thought to be important in other maternal behaviours and in pair bonding; it is sometimes known as the �love hormone�.� When it is triggered, we feel a deep sense of comfort and well-being. Leslie Seltzer is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of […]

Disgust is one of the primary emotions and one that we most easily recognise.� Our sense of disgust has evolved for good reason � it protects us from the harmful bacteria that proliferate on decaying plant and animal matter, on our excretions and in bodily fluids. . . But recently, a group of researchers at […]

One way to reduce your stress levels, it turns out, is really simple: strike a pose.� Big yourself up with a dominant posture and your hormones follow up with: A rise in your testosterone level, and A drop in your cortisol levels As cortisol is a stress hormone, and testosterone increases aggression, these hormone changes […]

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