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Yesterday, I posted the first part of an article published in the September 2011 issue of Training Journal.� I describe how I developed the Onion Model that is at the centre of The Handling Resistance Pocketbook. Here is Part 2 of that article. From one Model to many� It was around 2004 when a client […]

Here is my first video blog. �It’s about resistance to sales, and I hope you will like it. The Onion Model My Onion Model is at the core of Handling Resistance. �It sets out the layers of resistance we encounter � whether to our ideas, to change, or to our sales proposals.� In the video, […]

The core of The Handling Resistance Pocketbook is �The Onion Model�. Indeed, one of the drivers for writing it was to put my �onion model of resistance� into the wider world.� I originally developed this in the context of resistance to change and used it in training and facilitation sessions for the last eight years.� […]

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