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The Treasure has published another*�of my articles; “NOble Objections” about how to say NO. It is a subscription only magazine for members of The Association of Corporate Treasurers, so you can download a free pdf copy of the article here.    

This autumn has been an extremely busy time for me, and early in the autumn, I started�trialing�a new work-planning and organising system.� It is very simple and, my conclusion is, it works magnificently. It is based on an inexpensive stationery item, a simple multi-part folder.� In my case, I use a none-part file like this […]

Dilly-dallying. Frittering time away. Idling. Loafing. Loitering. Procrastination takes many forms, each eating away at your time and dulling your edge. Battle procrastination and take action with Dr Mike Clayton’s seven ways to get started when you’d rather stay still. Here’s an article I posted on�smarta.com We have all had one of those days. Sometimes […]

Too many time management tips focus on time saving and getting things done.� So, in this blog, we’ll look at the joy of doing things at the “right time”. For all of us, there are special times of the day when we can be especially productive, innovative or enjoy our work best.� Here are five. […]

The Brilliant method for Managing your Time bytestart.co.uk is a website full of resources for anyone who wants to start up a small business. I was asked to write them a short article on practical time management and decided to go to the heart of the issue: the OATS method. �The short article I wrote […]

I thoroughly enjoyed recording my first web TV show, and it went live at 7am UK time on Friday 15 April. You can see it here. The show was called��So much to do but so little time� and it is on the Photo Night Live website, run by presenter Ross Dean.� Photo Night Live is […]

Too many people ask me: �how can I stop email running my life?� The first response I usually give is to ask what is the first application they start up when their computer has booted up.� Guess what� it�s their email client.� Unless, that is, they have it set to start up automatically. Gain control […]

I am very excited to announce that Ross Dean has invited me to appear on his weekly web TV show, Photo Night Live. Ross is a professional photographer, who wants to offer the photography community special guests from the photo world, discussing a chosen hot topic, each week.� The format is one new or aspiring […]

Sisyphus was a king of Greek mythology who defied the gods and was punished, in death, to forever roll a large boulder up a hill.� As it reached the top, it would roll back down to renew his task for the next day.� Albert Camus, the French existential philosopher saw this as a metaphor for […]

Let procrastination be your friend! Two things struck me the other day as I put my To Do list aside, having created my To Day list: The first was that one of the things that I�d put on my To Do list some time ago was a repetitive task that I�d played with from time […]

Some of us lose most of our time, because we fritter it away, doing nothing very much. This is easier than doing something important, which takes concentration and involves the possibility of failure. So, rather like a hedgehog, it is, perhaps, easier to curl up into a little ball of inaction: it feels safe. Of […]

For some people, the most valuable time in their week is 30 minutes to an hour of high quality, time-limited thinking time, which they set aside to think about what they don�t have time to think about at any other time; the things they are missing when they look at their plans, the questions they […]

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