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Issue 19

  Holding Hands
Physical Contact and Business Etiquette
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Yesterday was St Valentine's Day; I hope you enjoyed it. No one knows the origins of our now traditional festivities, but the injection of cash into the floristry, greeting card, confectionery and catering industries will surely guarantee their survival.

Physical contact is a no-no in western business etiquette, except in on ritualised format: the handshake.  It is an essential skill to have, and often forms the basis of a lasting first impression.  But did anyone ever teach you how to shake hands?  My experience is that around one person in ten says yes to that.  So let's address it now, for the other nine.

1. The Hands
Think of your hands as a vital tool of doing business and look after them accordingly.  Keep them soft, clean, and dry.  Avoid excessive numbers.

2. The Fore - play
If you're sitting as someone approaches; stand up.  Make eye contact, smile, and say hello.  This is the start of a connection.

3. The Approach
Initiate the hand shake  by putting out your hand, thumb up, fingers closed, and perpendicular to the floor.  Have your arm extended, but not with a locked elbow.  Start at about a metre distance and close up a little as your elbow bends a little more.

4. The Grasp
Firmness of grip is important, but more so is holding "web to web", with the webbing between your thumb and forefinger firmly in contact with theirs.  A firm grip in both men and women is most likely to be perceived as a sign of openness and extroversion.  Nobody enjoys a limp grip and neither do we want a crushing match.

5. The Overclasp
The overhand clasp with your left hand will most often be perceived as intrusive, overbearing and patronising.  Save it for when you have a genuine position of authority, such as when congratulating a subordinate on  receiving an award.  Other wise leave it to politicians.

6. The Elbow
Another patronising grip best left to politicians is the elbow hold.  This is a control gesture and will make the other person feel you are trying to dominate them..

7. The Shake
Put energy into your shake to show commitment, but not so much you risk a dislocation.  Therefore, shake from your elbow: not from your shoulder.  Two or three shakes (or "pumps") is enough.  Hold for 3 seconds and keep eye contact while you do so, then...

8. The Release
Be the first to grip and the first to release.  As soon as you feel a loosening of their grip, release yours.

9. The Wipe
I'm sure you wiped your hand before shaking, if it was even slightly damp.  But what if they didn't?  never wipe your hand after shaking until you are well out of sight - it can give real offence.  If, like Donald Trump (reportedly), you fear germs, get over it.  No one dies from the millions of  handshakes every hour and, if they have germs on their hands (they do), it's too late.

10. The Notice
Finally, notice the shake.  What can you learn from it.  If you shake at the start of a meeting and then again at the end, you have comparative data.  Was the shake longer, firmer, closer at the end?  If so, the meeting went well.  If quicker, looser, at greater distance, you need a new plan.


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